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Share Smiles

Share smiles-is a malnutrition control initiative focusing on the medical needs of the deprived with a special spotlight on rural poor. Share has started a movement in generating micro-donations to reach more and more under-privileged to achieve its basic objective of multiplying joys.

However Small can Indeed Make a Crucial Difference

The best part is that you do not have do much. Just donate what you can. Because, your donation can alleviate hunger and help us take one step ahead in our mission.

If you see the sweeping changes of a transforming world, you will realize that individuals are bringing the changes. People like you and us. If we care truly enough, we can make hunger vanish.

In study after study, prestigious international commissions have come to one conclusion: Humanity now possesses the resources, technology and know-how to end hunger. Whatever the donation you make, will add to the smiles.

Your Contribution Matters

No matter how much we invest, we still fall short of the increasing demands. Share Smiles a malnutrition control initiative is a clarion call to you to help thousands of poor children who need a morsel of food. For someone battling with death, your contribution can spell a new lease of LIFE.

Share Warmth

Share Warmth is a blood delivery initiative started by Share Health Foundation.

The demand for blood is increasing Our millions rupees invested are still falling short. A child, A mother, An ailing father needs your support. Just Rs 50/- will have the power of not only saving lives but it is a wonderful way of telling blood donors that not a drop of the precious fluid has been wasted.

Your contribution Matters
Share Warmth - The blood initiative is a clarion call to you to help thousands of patients who need pure blood-the vital fluid that courses through our veins. Just Rs 50/- is a very small contribution. But for someone battling with death, your 50 bucks can spell a new lease of LIFE.

"Share Health Foundation Hepatitis B Vaccination Programme" Donation Project
This project has taken birth with the idea of helping the needy poor infant who cannot afford t get a Hepatitis-B vaccine. In this project the help is sought from students, who have the ability to Share the cost of the same, by raising a small fund to help the needy.

Indian culture begins and revolves around the virtue of giving and sharing. We at Share Health Foundation have come up with the idea of bringing the school force together, in this magnificent project, where we teach the young minds the joy of giving and sharing - thus multiplying the joys and - eradicating the deadly virus Hepatitis B, from our society.

Three doses of vaccine given to children below 12 years will cost Rs 100/- only.
We seek your help to raise donations to administer Hepatitis B vaccine to the poor children.

Under the project every child is encouraged to go out to spread this noble message and invite like-minded people to contribute generously