MediCiti Hospitals

MediCiti is a 19-year-old hospital. It is the first Cardio thoracic super speciality hospital in the entire Telangana. It has been in existence since 1992. In our efforts to make rural health care affordable to the people of Ranga Reddy Dist the hospital has been redesigned to cater to the local community needs. The hospital also conducts teaching programme as a part of Medical College which started functioning since yr 2002.

MediCiti provides promotive, preventive and curative services, Maternal and Child Health, Immunization, Control of Blindness due to Cataract, Population Control and Promotion of Reproductive Health

Imbued with a passion to serve the community and create a centre of excellence in medical education, a handful of forward - looking dynamic person, with a highly professional & enlightened industrial group to back up, established MediCiti Institute of Medical Science, initially, an undergraduate medical college at Ghanpur, Medchal Mandal, Ranga Reddy Dist of Telangana under Share Medical Care, a not-for-profit NGO,during 2001-2002.

MediCiti Maintain Clinics
1).RHTC at ALiyabad Village
2).UHTC at Medchal Village